Naganuma Ice: Hokkaido’s No.1 Soft Serve Ice Cream Opens Its First Store in Singapore At Tanjong Pagar On 25 November 2018


SINGAPORE, 12 November 2018 – ​​Hokkaido’s most popular and best selling soft serve ice cream will set its first store in Singapore on 25 November 2018 and it is calling out to fans of fresh, milky soft serve. Naganuma Ice no ie, founded in 1994 with its first branch in the town of Naganuma typically boasts long queues of one hour, now has three stores in Taiwan and soon, Singapore. Even in its Taiwan stores, the queues last up to 45 minutes.

Well known for its full flavor and milky taste using 100% Hokkaido raw milk (Nama milk) and Hokkaido eggs, Naganuma Ice no ie prides itself as producing the top soft serve with the grace of Naganuma’s nature.

Six soft serve and twelve gelato flavours are available in Singapore.

For soft serve, there will be a total of six flavours and three twist flavors at any point in time and a new flavour every three to four days. Fans can expect the same quality ingredients as they would in Japan – 100% Hokkaido raw milk, 100% made in Japan. A regular soft serve is served in 30 seconds, the same as what customers would get in Hokkaido.

Scooping up in Singapore’s first store is the signature favorite – ​Rich Milk Soft Serve ($6)​​, a rich, mellow taste of milk. You will feel like you are in a farm the moment you taste it.

Gelato flavours like the classic White Vanilla, Strawberry Milk and Double Cheese come at $5.50 for a single scoop and $6.50 for a double scoop with an option of a cone at an additional $0.50. Fans can also expect new flavours every three to four days. Fans looking for fruit flavours can try the Haskap Gelato or Mango Gelato.

Highlights include ​Crème Brûlée Rich Milk Soft Serve ($8) – a luxurious combination of Rich Milk Soft Serve topped with fresh custard (air flown every week from Naganuma Ice Hokkaido factory) and burnt to the right texture of caramelized sugar in the typical French way.

Black Lover Parfait ($8.50) – a fresh cream base with layers of decadent strawberry jam, cookie crumbs and Asahikawa dark chocolate stick has ingredients imported from different areas of Japan.

“The secret of Naganuma Ice lies not only in using the best ingredients, but finding the perfect equation between ingredient compatibility and having the most suitable expertise of retaining their original flavours. This takes a lot of trial and error and it is a bit like science.” says Mr Kiyokawa, 40, Director of MAKE UP [INC], a Japanese manufacturer and distributor of Japanese beauty products and the parent company of MAKE UP [SEA] Pte Ltd, distributor of Naganuma Ice.

Naganuma Ice sets itself apart with how its soft serve is produced. Instead of using fresh milk which is usually already pasteurized at high temperature, freshly-squeezed raw milk from Maoi ranch near Naganuma town is collected daily and transported to Naganuma Ice no ie factory to process in the same day. To retain the raw milk’s original flavour, it is pasteurized at a much lower temperature. The entire process is done without any stabilizers, emulsifiers or additives.

Mr Thomas Tay, 44, Sales Director of MAKE UP [SEA] Pte Ltd decided to branch out into his first F&B venture and has plans to add two more stores in central Singapore by April 2019 as he likes the brand’s precise and high quality control.

Exclusive to the Singapore store, are: Crème Brûlée Rich Milk Soft Serve ($8) and Black Lover Parfait ($8.50).

Opening launch promotion:

Crème Brulee Rich Milk Soft Serve @ $6 (U.P. $8)
Available from 25 November 2018 to 30 November 2018 only.

Find Naganuma Ice:

Carlton City Hotel, Ground floor Naganuma Ice store
1 Gopeng St, Singapore 078862 Daily, 11am – 9pm

T: +65 6741 9108
Seats: None
MRT: Tanjong Pagar (0.2km by foot) IG: ​Naganuma Ice Co
FB: Naganuma Ice Co #NaganumaIce


Rich Milk Soft Serve ($6 – cup, $6.50 – cone)

Crème Brûlée Rich Milk Soft Serve ($8)

Black Lover Parfait ($8.50)

About Naganuma Ice Co

Naganuma Ice Co is founded in 1994 in the town of Naganuma, Hokkaido. Pioneering in manufacturing soft serve in Hokkaido, we remain the only company in Hokkaido that is certified by the Hokkaido Office for using Hokkaido raw milk and Hokkaido ingredients. We first started off with producing delicious and healthy soft serve and now, our production line includes chinese steamed bun, pizza, raw chocolate, cheese, butter, bacon, sausage, vienna sausage, and baked confectionaries.