Proofer Bakery Launches Prosperity Pizzas to Usher Rat Year


With Christmas over, it is time to roll out Chinese New Year decorations to usher the imminent 2020’s Rat Year. Proofer Boulangerie is introducing their timely Prosperity Pizzas, Let’s Bakkwa (Zhao Cai Jin Bao) and Bring Yu Prosperity (Cai Yuan Gun Gun).

Proofer Bakery Launches Prosperity Pizzas to Usher Rat Year

Launching from 28th December 2019 till 31st January 2020, the 11-inch pizzas are a savoury renditions of quintessential Chinese New Year tastes and flavours featuring classic snacks such as bakkwa (also known as rou gan).

Let’s Bakkwa (Zhao Cai Jin Bao) is peppered with chicken ham, shredded chicken, chicken bakkwa, capsicum, pineapple, and topped with creamy, milky cheese, roasted sesame sauce and chicken floss. Every slice of the pizza is filled with a fragrant woody aromatic thanks to the crispy yet tender and juicy bakkwa intermingling with the silky soft chicken floss that are quintessential snacks during Chinese New Year.  

Bring Yu Prosperity (Cai Yuan Gun Gun) features flecks of tuna, kanifumi (crabstick meat), onions, capsicum, and infused with the same creamy cheese and fresh tomato sauce. With seafood in the making, one can welcome a sweet and refreshing bite filled with a burst of flavours from the different profiles of its toppings.

Proofer Bakery which offers best-selling pizzas that come with a fluffy crust that is buttery and slightly crispy on the outside, while chewy and soft on the inside, often experiment and innovate on pizza recipes – introducing fun yet delectable pizza toppings that easily become crowd favourites. With the Chinese New Year exclusive pizza flavours, there is no better time to bring some home for gatherings with family and loved ones.

Proofer Bakery Launches Prosperity Pizzas to Usher Rat Year

The 11-inch pizzas are each priced at S$14.90.

Proofer is also launching four Prosperity Buns from 6th January 2020 till 31st January 2020. Featuring four distinctively auspicious names, one is ready and almost-anticipatory in welcoming fortune and good luck for the new year.

Wealth (Jin Yu Man Tang) is bound to sate your appetite with its filling toppings consisting of hard boiled eggs, ham, corn, and sliced cheese mixed with mayonnaise, corn, and celery – resulting in a hearty breakfast or 3-to-5 tea time snack.

Proofer Bakery Launches Prosperity Pizzas to Usher Rat Year

Longevity (Wu Fu Lin Men) which will satisfy nuts-lovers come with generous peppering of walnuts, almond flakes, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, and raisins, resulting in a sweet and crunchy bite.

The fluffy Good Fortune (Da Ji Da Li) is filled with curry chicken and hard-boiled eggs, specked with bread crumbs resulting in a savoury bun that is best partnered with coffee or tea when one is on the go or having that much-needed break time.

Lastly, the aptly-named Abundance (Nian Nian You Yu) comes with tuna toppings, mayonnaise and speckled with white and black sesame is a warm welcome to savoury-bun lovers due to its mild and light flavours.

Each bun retails at S$2 or you can purchase all 4 buns at S$6. 

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