Eatbox 2020 is back at Downtown East

The much hyped about Eatbox is back this year, and they are returning even stronger with a longer list of stalls featuring food from Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia.

The event runs over two weekends at the usual spot in Downtown East. The dates to mark on your calendars are 21 to 23 February, 28 to 29 February, and 1 March 2020. 

Just like the previous year, admission is free and the event starts at 3pm and ends at 11pm.

The first stall to head to is The Naughty Corner, which is known for their wacky flavours, such as an exclusive Chilli Crab gelato from @tncgelato only at Eatbox, White Rabbit, Root Beer and Cotton Candy Bubblegum. 

Other interesting flavours include Alphonso Mango Sorbet, Limetta Cheesecake and more. We also love how they offer Bubblewraps egglet for a sinful bite into the streets of Hong Kong. These orbs are also stuffed with gooey goodies such as caramel, for an added oomph of flavours.

Hot on the heels of the latest Korean street toast craze, homegrown sandwich shop Egg Stop enters the fray. The toasts are freshly prepared upon order, with plenty of butter slathered on during the pan-grilling process for added flavour. The creamy scrambled eggs, rich sauce and savoury sliced cheese blended well with the light and fluffy bread. Something only sold exclusively at Eatbox 2020 is their Mackerel Otah Toast Sandwich, which is a modern rendition of otah bread that will lure you in with its wealth of spices and flavours.

Also, you guys shouldn’t miss out on exciting and savoury food such as Singapore-style Baked Garlic Lobsters from the halal-certified Beef Bro and Laksa Braised Pork Rice from D’bun.

A bunch of fun times to spend with friends and families. Save the dates and head down for the weekend, especially if you are an instagrammer. Apart from just feasting, you can also chill out to live music by homegrown musicians Nat Wu and Retrofocus, or take insta-worthy pictures with art installations sprayed around the Eatbox event space. 

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