Long layover? Unexpected flight delays? YOTELAIR is here to help!


There’s nothing worse than being stuffed in a giant tin can in the sky for 12 hours straight, then disembarking and realising that your next flight has been delayed for several more hours. Or sometimes, you’re just one of those unlucky few who have no choice but to endure a long layover.

(YOTELAIR entrance)

You could wander around the airport, haunting the lounges and duty-free stores like the ghost of flight delays past, or you could indulge in a nice, hot shower, and a nice, long nap before your next flight. The choice is easy, isn’t it?

(Premium Queen Accessible at YOTELAIR)

With YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport, restless layovers and boring flight delays are a thing of the past. Just hop on down to Jewel (maybe even pick up a snack or two along the way), and check into our Premium Queen cabins. Available in 4-hour blocks — with by-the-hour extensions — you can treat yourself to a luxurious shower and the best nap of your life with our Serta Smart Beds, and you’ll be more than ready to face the next part of your journey.

(Premium Queen at YOTELAIR)

YOTELAIR cabins are available for daylet stays of a minimum of 4-hours at S$100++, with extensions by the hour at S$10++. Make your reservations by contacting the hotel directly, and rest easy with our 24-hour cancellation policy. The hotel will also be rolling out daylet bookings through their website in the coming months.

(Shower cabin at YOTELAIR)

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