Huawei launches Singapore’s first 5G-powered Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab


[Singapore, November 22, 2019] Huawei launches Singapore’s first 5G-powered Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab equipped with AI, 5G and Cloud technology, at Changi Business Park. The lab boasts facilities that offer extensive 5G support, from Proof of Concepts (POCs) to free trials, with a 5G test-bed and Huawei’s Cloud platform. It also supports AI enablement through offline AI developer kits, as well as Huawei’s ModelArts AI Platform, to support AI R&D efforts.

“In response to the Singapore government’s call for industry transformation, Huawei is extending its 5G, Cloud and AI capabilities to local government agencies, SMEs, and Institutes of Higher Learning, to help accelerate Singapore’s 5G application and nation-wide intelligent transformation,” said Nicholas Ma, Chief Executive of Huawei International..

Globally acknowledged to be the next big leap in mobile and wireless communications, 5G technology is widely touted to enable the development of new business models and advanced applications, fostering business innovation and spurring economic growth. Communities, businesses and industries are expected to benefit from the transformative impact that 5G enables.

Singapore has earmarked S$40 million to build an open, inclusive 5G ecosystem, where the funds will be used to support 5G tech trials for enterprise use, create new open testbeds and for R&D in areas like cybersecurity for the next-generation mobile network, across six strategic clusters.

Huawei is launching its AI lab on the back of Singapore’s National AI Strategy announced on 13 November, which maps out how Singapore will develop and use AI to transform the economy and improve people’s lives. Through this lab, Huawei aims to nurture a flourishing local AI ecosystem with its 5G, Cloud and Intelligent Computing capabilities, enabling Singapore’s industry players, with a focus on local SMEs, to boost Singapore’s AI capabilities towards its smart future, and digital economy.

Huawei is also launching its talent, innovation, and Singapore-China bridging programmes through this lab. In line with the three programmes, the lab includes trainings and workshops opportunities for hands-on practice, with testing and integration facilities, and serves as an open and advanced platform to industry players for ecosystem development and industry collaboration.

“At Huawei, we believe that AI and its solutions should be accessible to everyone, and that the convergence of AI, Cloud, and 5G, lays the foundation of the technology ecosystem for the digital economy of the future,” said Neo Teck Guan, Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific Region.

The lab launch programme includes artificial intelligence case studies by Huawei key customers DIGI and Ulearning, as well as the signing of five memorandum of understandings (MoU), between Huawei and several local institutions and companies across various industries – Nanyang Polytechnic; MI Robotic, Navinfo Datatech, OTSAW and Neolix Technologies; Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company (ZPMC) and Shanghai Enfon Robotics Co; and local Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (ARVR) companies, Hiverlab and Hellohold – to solidify Huawei’s commitment in supporting 5G deployment and enablement towards industry transformation in Singapore.

The programme also paired with a 5G technology panel discussion joined by a few of Huawei’s partners – Neolix and the National University of Singapore (NUS), ZPMC and ST Engineering and SG Tech – to discuss 5G capabilities and solutions and how they will change industries and businesses, followed by an immersive technology workshop using the lab’s facilities.

This launch marks another step towards Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative and its potential of becoming a 5G hub for the region and the world.